Spencer Durham – Artist & Live Sound Expert

A Musician -Who Perfects Live Sound for Other Musicians

Good Ol’ Days Bar & Grill

I run live sound every week at the best Live Music Venue in North Georgia:

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I also host the Tuesday Night “Open Mic Night”.  So if you are a fan of my music (or live music in general) you should check it out.  We usually get started around 9:00 pm and go until the county makes us stop.   I warm up the crowd doing some of my original music along with some covers.

Then, we open the stage to singer-songwriters and bands.  If you are a band who wants to play Good Ol’ Days this is the best way to audition and earn a gig.   Let us see your chops with a live audience!

I work here because Good Ol’ Days is THE BEST Live Music Venue in North Georgia.  The owners encourage original music and have a warm spot in their hearts for musicians.   And, they have a great ear for great music.   Unlike most bars they are not only interested in selling beer… (OK they are in business to sell beer… but listening to great music while selling beer is very important).

Check out their website to see wassup…   Good Ol’ Days Website