Spencer Durham – Artist & Live Sound Expert

A Musician -Who Perfects Live Sound for Other Musicians

Live Sound & Recordings

I LOVE running sound for live performances!   And, by doing that I have become really, really good at recording those shows.

Like most of the live sound companies I own all the gear needed to put on a small to medium sized live concert.   Front of house sound, stage monitors, microphones, … all that stuff.

What make me different is that I am an experienced,  seasoned, musician who has performed live at over 1000 shows.  And, I’m only 25.   I get it.  I have personally worked with great, mediocre,  and really crappy sound guys.   They can make or break a show.

I know from first-hand experience how important it is for me to help the band sound their best.   It isn’t hard to just plug in some mics, turn things up loud, and sit back and look cool.   Lot of sound guys do this really well…    But what’s really cool is to work hard during the show, and then have a band member come up and say “Thanks, man… we never sounded better”.    I live for that…

So if you are a band looking for help on a special show, or an concert promoter who wants things done right… please give me a call at 706-344-9920.

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